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Hi, I'm Liz Ficalora

Playing with Madame Gandhi in Nashville, TN.

Reading Charts on my iPad

When you arrive at an audition, session or a gig prepared, you will land better jobs.

When you play with confidence and play it right the first time, you will be able to advance your career. That's why I am so excited for the opportunity to help you learn how to chart out a song, learn the music language and get ready to take your career to a new level. Let's Go!

Owner of EasyDrumChart.com and DrumChartBuilder.com.

Published author with Alfred Publishing, First Place Award Winning Jingle Writer for Maxwell House Coffee, Best American Album Producer and Best Contemporary Song, JP Folks Award Show 2020 and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music



How to Write a Quick Chart When The Gig Starts in 2 Hours

The gig starts in 2 hours and you have 12 songs to learn. Use this quick method

Use this template and method when you get the last minute call and you have learn 12 songs in 2 hours. Use the template to write down only the needed information and simple one measure drum pattern to keep you in the groove for that last minute gig. It is fast and easy to do. Try this method if you are a working drummer who is always getting that last minute call.