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We Can Cover These Topics

  • How To Chart Out The Song Form
  • How To Determine The Feel Of The Song
  • How To Determine the Time Signature
  • Hearing and Identifying the Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns
  • Learning how to Identify and write simple drum Notation for Your Songs
  • Organizing Your Materials
  • How to Write Out a Medley
  • How to use the new Drum Chart Builder Software program
  • How to Read the Nashville Number System

Hi, I'm Liz Ficalora

I have been teaching drums and charting since 2007. Schedule a lesson and get your questions answered and get out there playing the drums.

I know that you are here because you need to learn how to write a drum chart or you might have just landed a job where you have 40 plus songs to learn by the weekend. This simple method will help you write charts fast and get you out there working and landing better jobs.

I look forward to having you as one of my students.


Liz Ficalora

CEO Drum Chart Builder
CEO Easy Drum Chart

My Story

Can you really make one decision today that will ensure your success tomorrow? I did.

Is it really possible to make one choice to change your career by 10x? I did.

Does one action have the power to change your life? Mine did.

I want to take you back 20 years and give you an inside peek into my life.

You may be thinking what does this have to do with you, but don’t discredit so quickly.  

Pause and listen.  

You may see a glimpse of yourself in my story.

Picture this: I was living in Massachusetts at the time and my whole life was falling apart, I was in a disgusting job and I had to move so I packed up my drums, bed and cooking stuff, (I am Italian, we need our cooking stuff) and drove to Nashville to get in a band and go on the road.

After 2 days in Nashville I got an apartment, in 6 weeks I got an audition for a country road band and two hours later I get a call that I got the audition and come back to get the material.

I went back and they handed me 96 songs on 6 CD's and said, we are leaving for Chicago in two weeks!
Just imagine how I felt. 96 songs in two weeks.

Today you can benefit from is what I learned in that two week time to chart 96 songs and get on that bus for Chicago. I did it and I was in that band for years.

If you want to succeed and land those jobs, getting prepared for auditions and practice is essential. 

Today you can enroll and study with me and learn a simple skill that you can use for the rest of your career. There is nothing else to learn.

I look forward to having you as a student.

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