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How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart
(Book and Audio Tracks)

How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart teaches an innovative and simple approach to drum chart writing that takes almost no time to learn.

Designed for drummers, composers, and students who work with different bands and need charts for all the various songs they encounter

This method won’t require you to turn multiple pages and read bar after bar of music. Instead, you will see the full form of a song on one piece of paper and only need to write a few measures of drum notation to keep yourself in the groove.

Charting a song will help you play with greater accuracy, ensuring that you play the song correctly the first time and every time.

Make your life easier and land more gigs when you can easily and accurately play songs right away.

The accompanying audio tracks includes demonstrations of the examples in the book.

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12 Step Method

The Book Includes:

57 Pages of Drum Charting Instruction

54 tracks of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns

1 Original Song Tracks to Chart and Play-Along

15 Drum Charts of Popular and Current Music

12 Step Easy Method to Writing a Drum Chart for Cover or Original Music

10 Pages of instruction on how to use the Drum Chart Builder Software Program

4 Pages of Basic and Advanced Drum Patterns to listen, practice and learn.

3 Different Blank Chart Templates

The Book Covers Techniques in:

How To Chart Out the Song Form

How To Determine the Feel of The Song

How To Determine the Time Signature

The Basic and Advanced Snare Drum and Bass Drum

Patterns That Are Used the Most

How to Identify and Write Simple Drum Notation for Your Songs

Organizing Your Materials

Techniques on how to Count the Band In

How to Write Out a Medley

Download Audio Tracks and Answer Sheets are Available Online.