What You Will Need and How to Set Up Your Drum Chart Template

Step 1

What You Will Need to Start Writing Your Chart

Materials and Tools

• Blank chart or lined spiral notebook

• No. 2, or mechanical, pencil

• Metronome or drum machine

• Headphones

• Streaming Player to listen to songs.

Using a Notebook to Get Organized

Being organized is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful drummer or musician. Lined spiral notebooks are great for keeping drum charts together. Use one spiral notebook per band, and label it appropriately. This way, it will be easy to keep track of which notebook to take with you to rehearsals and gigs. Write out the charts in the order of the setlist for the gig. This will save you time with turning pages.

Always use a pencil when charting, and remember to bring it to rehearsal so that you have the option to make any changes to the chart. Use a metronome or drum machine to help determine the tempo of a song, listening with headphones to gain more detail. It is important for drummers to know the tempo of a song, so that they can count the band in. 

When using a spiral notebook for your charts, try to draw and label only one chart per page. Draw vertical lines across four horizontal lines of the lined spiral notebook. At the beginning of the chart, label each section: Song Form, Bars, and Drum Instruction. Copy the example below, and draw as many sections as you need for your chart. 

Example of How to Draw a Drum Chart in a Lined Spiral Notebook