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96 Songs to Learn and The Band Leaves for Chicago in Two Weeks!

What Would You Do?

I was that drummer who got the audition and landed that job after arriving in Nashville TN. I could not memorize all those songs, so I knew I had to chart. It is from those two weeks of charting that started the drum charting passion I have today.

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How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart Course

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Learn How to Write A Simple Drum Chart 

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Today you can learn a method of charting a song so you can make your gigs, sessions and practice go smoothly....And I GUARANTEE You Will Never Miss an Accent or Fill Again!

How To Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart

    A simple 12 step course to writing drum music for cover and original songs.

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About Your Teacher

Drummer, Teacher, Clinician and Published Author.

Since playing in top 40 bands for many years, I found that the most powerful thing I have learned is not a new drumming technique but the power of charting a song.

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"As a songwriter, I use Liz's method so all my session s will go smoothly. I highly recommend this course for all musicians so drummers will play your song perfectly saving you time and money "

- Jill Sissel

Singer, Songwriter in Nashville, TN.